In the production of natural soap, the technology of manual manufacturing by the so-called “hot method” is used. This technology implies the addition of active caring components to the composition after the completion of the saponification reaction, that is, at the final stage of cooking soap. Thus, the active caring components do not react with alkali, thereby preserving their useful cosmetic properties.

The composition of the basis of the future soap includes decoctions of useful herbal dues, as well as oils of purely vegetable origin. For the caring effect, the base vegetable oils of cold pressing, spices, honey, freshly squeezed juices and natural essential oils are used.

When developing the formulation of cosmetic products, we set the goal to achieve the highest possible quality result with regard to the effectiveness of gentle cosmetic care.

By optimally proportional combination of the basic basic and active components, as well as complementary selected essential oils, we managed to achieve a real synergy of the components in the action on the skin.

In the compositions of balsams and creams are only natural vegetable oils of cold pressing, plant hydrolates, vitamins, oil extracts and herbal tinctures, plant waxes, natural essential oils. As emulsifiers we use only natural components, such as: soy lecithin, beeswax, olive wax – extract from olive oil (olivem – 1000).

We do not use synthetic products, even for the preservation of products. As preservatives, we use only vegetable components such as: extract from radishes (Leusidal); Thymol – a vegetable preservative extracted from the essential oil of thyme flowers (thyme); Solution of colloidal silver; Herbal and honey extracts and tinctures; Vegetable oils containing antibiotics.